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Australia Day patches

No matter where we're from or who we are, Australia Day is a day to celebrate our wonderful country. You can celebrate Australia Day with your little patcher with this easy tutorial to make Australia Day themed patches.

Eye patches with Australia Day decorations

Use Australia Day tattoos to create your own patches to celebrate the day

The beauty of having plain colour patches is they can be decorated any way you like. Draw on them, decorate them with stickers and even use temporary tattoos to create your very own masterpiece. 

There are a few tutorials around that show how to use temporary tattoos to decorate adhesive eye patches. It’s not rocket science. But if you haven’t seen how to do it, here’s a little ‘how to’ on creating your very own Australia Day eye patches so you can celebrate our great country without sacrificing patching time. 

What you will need

It’s super easy to create these patches. All you’ll need is:

  • adhesive eye patches (our Kids Eye Gear patches work great but you can use any solid colour or white patch)
  • temporary tattoos – I got mine from Coles supermarket but also saw them at the $2 shop and Woolworths
  • scissors
  • damp cloth – I used makeup remover pads


Step 1

First up, choose the temporary tattoo that you want to stick to your eye patch. I chose yellow and green patches to keep in theme with Australia but you can use any colour. The lighter colour patches will be better as they’ll show the tattoo image more clearly. 

Peel off the backing from the temporary tattoo. 

Temporary tattoo on adhesive eye patch

Step 2

Using your damp cloth (I used a damp makeup remover pad), very carefully and gently rub water onto the back paper of the temporary tattoo. Try really hard not to get water on the adhesive part of the patch or it will ruin the patch and it won’t stick to your child’s face properly. 

Carefully peel back the backing paper to see if the image is transferring to the patch. If it’s not, keep dabbing with water. 

Step 3

When you’re sure the image has transferred, very carefully remove the backing paper from the temporary tattoo. Allow the patch to dry before applying to your patcher. 

Celebrate the day!

And there you have it – your very own Australia Day eye patches! There are so many different fun and creative images you could use on the patch, go crazy! 

If you want to see the quick video for this tutorial just head to our Youtube channel here

I hope you enjoy your Australia Day and can celebrate our amazing and diverse country. 

Watch the tutorial video

Watch our video tutorial