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Tips and Tricks for Kids that Wear Glasses

There are some great tips and tricks out there for getting kids to wear their glasses, keep them clean, and not lose or break them. I’d love to say they are all my ideas – but they’re not! Check out this list below of great tips and tricks for kids’ glasses - and if you have your own, feel free to message me so I can update the list!

Tips and tricks for kids that wear glasses

I have two kids that wear glasses – although they’re not full time wearers, just for close up work, school etc. The biggest issues parents seem to have with kids and their glasses are breaking them, losing them or forgetting to wear them. Check out this list below of great tips and tricks for kids that wear glasses.

Tips for Keeping Glasses Safe and Sound

Whether it’s keeping your kids’ glasses safe and sound on their face OR when they’re not being worn, here are some great tips and tricks to prevent breakages and loss. 

  • Glasses straps – these secure to each arm and wrap gently around the neck. You can secure them tight for when they are active or keep them loose for everyday safety. To see the glasses straps we stock, click here
  • For babies and toddlers, use a dummy clip to keeps glasses on and safe. They may pull them off, but they will be readily available for you to pop back on, over and over again.
  • A glasses case – for carrying to school, or keeping them safe during sport, a glasses case is ideal. Life hack: get a few and put them in places where they are most needed, like in their desk at school, in their backpack, beside their bed, in your car, at the grand parent’s house, everywhere!
  • A glasses holder – placed strategically beside their bed or in the bathroom, it will not only be a safe place to keep glasses when they are not on their face, it will also keep them safe, and be a visual reminder to put their glasses back on. Check out these cute little glasses’ holders, available in my store now
  • Adopt a mantra and repeat it daily – we like “if it’s not on your face then it’s in the case.” You could get creative with these.
  • Glow in the dark paint – Do your kids need to find their glasses in the dark? Paint a thin layer of glow paint on their glass’s arms or case, to make it easier to find in the dark, so there’s less fumbling around. You could also use glow in the dark tape.

Tips for Keeping Glasses Clean

Spit and polish may not be the best idea for keeping your kids’ glasses clean! Here are some great tips and hacks to keep those lenses smudge free. 

  • Make your own glass cleaner: In a little spritz bottle, combine 3 parts rubbing alcohol to 1-part water. Add 2-3 drops of good smelling dish soap and mix gently.
  • Small microfibre cleaning cloths make great glasses cleaning cloths.
  • A damp cleaning wipe can also be used (if it’s nonabrasive)
  • Set a routine – place the glasses cleaner beside the toothpaste so every night and morning teeth and lenses get a good clean.
  • Set a timer – either on your phone or on their sport watch (if they have one) for when glasses should be cleaned.
  • Provide your child with a mini glasses cleaner – these simply slide on to the lenses, rub them around and smudges come off. We have these great little cleaners available
  • Stop glasses from fogging up by cleaning them with shaving cream. The shaving cream creates an invisible film that helps keep them from fogging too easily.
  • Use toothpaste to get little scratches out. Place a small amount of toothpaste on the lens and rub in a circular motion for ten seconds, then rinse clean, and wipe with a nonabrasive cloth.
  • Keep glasses cleaner and cloths in several locations, like at school, in the car, at relatives’ homes.
  • Use a cleaning spray and cloth – here’s a great tutorial for cleaning glasses.

Tips for Reminding Kids to Wear Glasses

Sometimes it can be challenging getting kids to wear their glasses – especially when they start out with them. Here are some great ideas for getting kids involved with the process. 

  • Set a reminder – either on your phone or on their sport watch if they have one. The Garmin vivofit’s have a great setting where you can set daily reminders with visual cues. You can set a reminder each morning and evening when it’s time to take glasses on and off.
  • Keep a sticker or reward chart in a common area like on the fridge or in the bathroom, which will visually remind kids to wear their glasses. Think of a little reward for if your child remembers to wear their glasses for a whole week!
  • Create house rules – no glasses = no TV; no glasses = no iPad. They will remember to wear them fast when Paw Patrol comes on!
  • Create visual cues around the home, like little posters or stick it notes. In the bathroom as a reminder to wash glasses. By the front door as a reminder to have glasses on. In their room, to remind them to keep glasses safe.
  • Inform everyone in their lives, how and when their glasses need to be worn, so that you’re not the only person having to think about and monitor it – share the responsibility!

Tips for Keeping Glasses in Place

  • Stop glasses from slipping off their noses with straps or our great little SpecStoppers
  • Beeswax for slippery sweaty glasses. Try using wax on the bridge of the glasses, where it would touch their nose to keep glasses from sliding off when they get hot and sweaty in the summer or during sports. Surfboard wax would work too, just be careful not to get it on the lenses.

Tips for getting kids to accept their glasses

Not every child takes to wearing glasses easily. This can be particularly challenging when they start wearing them from an early age. Here are some ideas for encouraging your kids to embrace the glasses on their face!

  • Let your kid choose the frame! This sounds simple, but having your child pick out what they think is cool to wear, could make a world of a difference, even if you don’t like them!
  • Think outside the square with frame selection. There are two fantastic frame options available on the market that make wearing glasses fun and keep it interesting. Gone is the idea of having just one pair of glasses – these cool frames let you change up your look every day!

Pair Eyewear were designed by two very clever college graduates and they have recently appeared on Shark Tank – and were offered a fantastic offer to advance their business. 


Funoogles were designed by a mum in the USA who had a daughter with the same condition as my son Dane.


  • Decorate your frames. Even the most standard of frames can be accessorised to create different looks each day that will reflect your child’s personality and interests. Our Blinx eyewear charms are inexpensive decorations that simply slide or attach on to any frame. There are many different designs including soccer, fairy castle, unicorns and even an avocado! 

Getting kids to wear their glasses – and keep them clean and not lose them – can be a challenge. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you and your family with the process. 

If you have your own tip or trick about kids and glasses we’d love to hear it!


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