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Craziest places kids have left glasses

If you're a parent to a kid that wears glasses, you'll know that sometimes their face is not always where their glasses can be found. Some little (and not so little) kids seem to revel in hiding their specs, sometimes in the most obscure places. We've compiled a list of crazy places kids have left their glasses - in case it helps you on a glasses hunt yourself!

Have you ever stood there, completely baffled, staring at your un-bespectacled child and asked “Where could my child’s glasses be?”

When it comes to little kids and wearing glasses it’s not always smooth sailing. It’s quite common for children to remove their glasses – and even more common for them to hide them in the strangest of places. 

So if your kid’s glasses are not on their face – or in the case – where could your kid’s glasses be? 

The Bedroom

  • Dresser drawers, particularly where pyjamas would go
  • Inside shoes
  • Down the bottom of the sheets
  • Space between mattress and bed frame
  • Inside pillow cases
  • Under the bed, particularly at the back
  • In between the window and the screen (this could work in any room)
  • Wrapped up in blankets/doonas
  • Inside any backpacks/bags
  • Inside clothing pockets (and if you wear coats, check yours too)
  • Bedside table drawers (or behind)

The Kitchen

  • In the fridge
  • Under the fridge
  • In the freezer
  • Pantry, near the snacks
  • In the garbage bin
  • In the dog/cat food bag
  • Inside pots and pans
  • Inside every possible drawer/cupboard
  • In the microwave
  • Inside boxes in the pantry ie cereal box
  • Inside oven mitt
  • Inside lunchbox

The Living Room

  • Behind couch cushions
  • Stuffed between seating/backing sections
  • Behind fish tank/in fish tank
  • Inside any type of décor that has an opening
  • Behind the TV
  • Behind any other piece of electrical equipment
  • Under rugs/mats
  • Blade of ceiling fan (applicable to all rooms)
  • On Christmas Tree (seasonal)
  • Behind curtains

The Playroom/Play Area

  • Play kitchen fridge
  • Play kitchen oven
  • Play kitchen microwave
  • On stuffed toys/dolls
  • In a LEGO bucket/container
  • In a play tent
  • Inside any type of bag – dress up handbags etc
  • Toy cash register drawer
  • Inside toy cars/trucks
  • In the toybox
  • Inside games boxes
  • Inside the dollhouse

The Laundry

  • In the dirty laundry basket
  • In the washing machine
  • In the dryer

The Bathroom

  • Dirty laundry basket
  • On the back of the toilet or worse still in the toilet. Or even in the cistern!
  • Inside a tissue box (would also apply to other rooms)
  • In the shower
  • Any sort of storage for toilet paper rolls (check inside roll too)


  • In the car – this will take a long time to search
  • On the car
  • Under any open window
  • Buried in the sandpit
  • Inside a watering can
  • In the basket on a bicycle
  • In the dog kennel
  • Inside any type of basket attached to a bike
  • Inside pot plants (may need to dig)
  • In any nook and cranny of the pram/stroller

Don't Give Up!

Some Tips

Here are some tips to help you on the hunt & to keep them from going missing:

  1. Think about likely scenarios of when clothes might have come off – so they might take their glasses off to get changed
  2. Get down on your knees so you’re toddler height – you just might see them on shelves etc that you wouldn’t from your height
  3. Turn off all the lights, get a torch and shine it around the room. The light might reflect off the lenses.
  4. Take them off in the same place every time
  5. Have a glasses holder/stand to store them on
  6. Have a dummy/pacifier clip attached to them
  7. If they’re not on your face, they’re in the case!


The Crazy Places Kids Will Hide Their Glasses

For all the parents who have kids, with glasses on their faces,

You’ll know the cheeky monkeys hide them in the craziest of places.

A playroom may seem fun with its toys and games and more,

But in all truth this room of joy has hiding spots galore.

A toy kitchen with its oven and microwave for cooking

Can hide a pair of specs so that’s the first place to be looking.

A toybox next, a dollhouse too, and don’t forget the trucks.

The LEGO box, toy cash register and even the dress ups.


No sight of them here? Well let’s move on, to the room where they slumber.

A bedroom makes a perfect place to hide their specs forever.

Let’s try the bed, it makes good sense they sleep there after all.

Over it, under it, in it too, or even jammed up against the wall.

Check the dresser drawers, in clothes and socks and shoes.

Check the pockets of your jackets and coats, never know what kids will use.

Maybe they have curtains? It’s worth a look behind there.

They must be somewhere surely. They can’t have vanished in thin air.


Let’s try the kitchen now, this is becoming such a bore.

The fridge, the freezer, the microwave and every cupboard and drawer.

Inside pots and pans, the microwave, open them all and check.

Under the fridge – be careful you don’t strain and hurt your neck.

They like a snack so check that shelf in the pantry with the food.

Perhaps their lunchbox, or even yours, depending on their mood.

The garbage bin? Well surely not. They’d have more sense than that?

Maybe in the storage bin that holds the food for the cat.


No luck yet, so let’s keep trying to find these blimmin’ specs.

The living room is probably the place we should look next.

On or under, or even in, the comfy couch and chairs.

Behind the TV, in the drawers, or maybe under the stairs.

The fan is whirring overhead, could they be up there?

Or under the rug, or coffee table. Maybe we’ll just get a new pair.

The Christmas tree is up, check it bit by bit.

Behind the fish tank, or even worse, sunk or floating in it!


Wrapped in clothes in the laundry basket seems a likely guess.

Pull them out, search them all, my goodness what a mess!

The toilet, oh please no, or maybe this tissue box.

In these shoes or these brown boots or hiding in these socks.

Check every roll of toilet paper in case they’ve been stuffed in.

Behind the shampoo in the shower or even in the bin.

Running out of places and tearing up the house,

While little kid is slinking ‘round, quiet as a mouse.


This is getting crazy, surely they can’t have gone that far.

Run outside, spend an hour searching through the car.

Maybe the sandpit, that’s a shot, they could be buried deep.

Or perhaps the dog took them while the kiddo was asleep.

The basket on the bicycle, or pot plant by the door.

These glasses are just nowhere, it’s time to order more.

They’ve been missing for three days, you’ve looked in every place

Then your kiddo turns around – glasses sitting on their face.

Want the poem as a PDF?