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Personalised custom eye patches are here!!!! And now there here in a limited edition range of designs from Australian designer, Elise Gow!


We’re so excited to be bringing you this limited edition range featuring Australian Animals, Under the Sea creatures and Rainbows & Unicorns. 


No more same-same designs, these transfers have been specially designed for Kids Eye Gear adhesive orthoptic eye patches, to allow these little champions to customise their own patch designs. There are thousands of possible combinations so kids can have a different patch every day – and they can get creative designing their own patches. 


These custom eye patch transfers have been developed for easily application, specifically for Kids Eye Gear patches with no water required. Simply cut out the pictures, lay on the patch and rub the design onto the patch with the enclosed stick. As an added bonus, creating their own patches are a perfect activity to do while patching! 


Specifically designed to be used with our new cotton blend, woven patch however they have been tested and are suitable for all our adhesive patches.


You can learn more about how our transfers can help with patching compliance here


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