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Kids Eye Gear fabric patches are made from medical grade woven material with a colourful felt covering. They are designed to be used with your eye glasses. Patches are used for occlusion therapy for the treatment of amblyopia and other vision issues.

This set features a navy felt eye patch with boat and rocket decorations that are interchangeable. 

The best part is, kids can mix and match their favourite decoration with their patch! The set comes with 1 fabric patch and 2 decorations.

All Kids Eye Gear fabric patches can be used on either the left or the right eye. The patch slides onto your glasses frames. Fabric patches should be replaced every 3 months for hygiene reasons. You can keep using the decorations but replacement patches are available here


length approx 10.5cm
height at widest part approx 5.7cm
height at narrowest part approx 3cm

Gap for frames to slide through approx 4cm. If the highest part of your frames is greater than this, the patch will not fit.


Please note : Frames are NOT included. You are purchasing the fabric patch and decorations only!


  • Weight: 0.01 kg

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Fabric eye patch boat and rocket

Posted by X on December 13, 2018

Excellent product. We were advised by our doctor that the sticker patches were the best but the stickers irritated my 2yo child’s skin causing redness and we battled every patch session as he picked at and manipulated the sticker patch. I tried a sticker on myself- annoying contact with skin and eyelashes. I then invested in this fabric patch- a real winner. I’ve since tried another company fabric patch and it was not as good as it did not fit securely over the glasses. I recommend Kids Eye Gear fabric patches as an excellent product. There are no more battles or issues at patch time!