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Kids Eye Gear patches are a fun and bright option for patching. They are designed to offer a better fit as the slitted smaller end can shape around the nose.

These single-use patches are used for occlusion therapy for the treatment of amblyopia and other vision issues. Perfectly designed for children, these latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive patches are sticky enough to do the job but are not harsh on the skin. The patches are suitable for all skin types and the pressure activated adhesive makes for easy application and removal.

They come in two different sizes Small (0-4years) and Medium (4+years) and come in 6 bright and fun colours – as well as white. 


Each pack of patches will also include a handy brochure of patching tips to help with applying and removing patches, the best way to store your patches and how to deal with hot and humid weather. 

To help kids get involved with their patching time and to assist with compliance, check out our Patching Stickers and specially designed Patch Your Way transfers. Our Printable Patching Charts are also a fantastic way to help kids stay motivated and on track with their patching. 



The 50 pack Mixed consists of:  

Mixed Colours (Boys) 20 x blue, 10 x green, 10 x red, 10 x yellow 

Mixed Colours (Girls) 20 x pink, 10 x purple, 10 x green, 10 x yellow

These will come in a box. 


Single colours will come in plastic bags (5 x 10 packs). 

White is only available in Medium size at this time. 



Small : 7.5cm length x 5.3cm wide (at widest part)

Medium : 8.1cm length x 5.7cm wide (at widest part)


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