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A patching chart is a great way to keep little patchers on track and this interactive patching chart will get them involved from the start.

First up, they fill in their name, their weekly reward (or if you don’t like to offer rewards just cut that part off the chart), how many hours of patching each day – and then they can get creative. Decorate the chart, colour in each of the little patches, or even add stickers, glitter or other crafty goodness. Then cut out the little patches and for every hour of patching they do, they stick a patch on the chart. Create a new one each week or reuse the same one by attaching the patches with blue tac. You could even laminate the chart and afix the patches with velcro dots.


What’s included:

– an A3 black and white PDF

– printing release form



You will be able to download your file right after payment and the order is completed. This can take 24-48 hours. You will have 30 days to download the file and there will be a maximum of three downloads. You can save it to your computer to print as many times as you like. 



You can print at home or at a local printing shop like Officeworks or online service. You can print in A4 or A3 size but this one is best in A3. 

A printing release form is included should you need it at a commercial printer.

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