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Ella & Belinda’s Story

Ella was diagnosed with a cataract in April 2019

Ella was diagnosed with a cataract in April 2019, which resulted in a whirlwind of emotions and actions. Ella was born in Townsville and passed all her pediatric eye tests at the time. At around 14 months Ella’s eye would wander, looking into the distance when she was tired. When she was 3, I had her eyes checked at the optometrist where she was diagnosed with astigmatism and cataract. However, no action was taken due to the nature of the cataract.

The cataract was growing and starting to block her vision

When Ella participated in vision screening in prep, the machine couldn’t get a reading on her left eye. We went back to the optometrist where it was discovered that the cataract had changed so we were referred to an ophthalmologist. Ella began patching and had regular check-ups but her vision wasn’t improving so it was believed that the cataract was getting bigger and blocking her vision.


Ella had an IOL implanted & began more patching

Three weeks after that appointment, Ella had her lens removed and an IOL implanted. A traumatic regime of eye drops followed. Ella now has bifocal glasses and will need to continue with aggressive patching for at least another three years to regain vision in her affected eye.

Ella's vision is already improving

After a few months, Ella’s vision has already improved so that both eyes are quite close, which is the goal. Her long term prognosis is quite positive, although she will need the support of bifocal glasses for up close work. Having a strong willed personality, with a sensitive side, has meant the routine of patching and wearing glasses has been challenging.

This girl just wants to have fun!

Ella loves to be active – having fun in the pool, swimming, singing and dancing, while also enjoys drawing and arts. Ella loves life especially when she gets her own way!