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Ethan & Renee’s Story

Ethan was diagnosed with Strabismus and Myopia at 2.5 years of age

Renee’s son Ethan was diagnosed with Strabismus and Short sightedness (Myopia) around the age of 2.5 years. Ethan’s childcare had noticed some signs that there may have been a problem, so it was followed up with an ophthalmologist. Ethan was prescribed glasses and 2-hour, daily patching.

Ethan continues with 6 monthly checkups

In the first year Ethan had a follow up to determine if surgery was required to correct his Strabismus. Due to the progress and success of the prescription and patching, surgery was determined as not essential. Ethan continues to see his eye specialist every 6 months to ensure he maintains progress.

He can easily continue with day-to-day activities

Renee says that Ethan has coped with his vision problem extremely well.

“Due to the severity being on the high side I think he was able to adapt and easily adjusted once he had his glasses fitted,” she said.

“He can easily continue with day-to-day activities. He patches for 2 hrs in the morning and can easily ride his bike or continue without disruption to normal day to day activities.”

Ethan doesn't let his vision issues get in his way

Ethan is now 6 years old and it’s most likely he will always have an ever so slight eye turn but once he turns 8 he will no longer require patching.

In the meantime, he continues to enjoy Lego and craft, particularly colouring in, or riding his bike.