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Scarlett & Jodarna’s story

Scarlet was diagnosed with accommodative esotropia due to hyperopia

Scarlett’s vision journey began on Christmas Eve 2016 when she had just turned 2 years old. Her mum Jodarna noticed her eye turning but then tracking back straight. By Christmas Day her eye was turned in constantly and she refused to open it. Jodarna took her to an optometrist on Boxing Day who wanted her to come back in 6 months. Recognising this wasn’t a suitable option, Jodarna took Scarlett to her GP who got an urgent appointment with a Paediatric Ophthalmologist. At this appointment, Scarlet was diagnosed with accommodative esotropia due to hyperopia (far-sightedness).  She was prescribed glasses which Scarlett received a few weeks later and she finally opened the affected eye again. 

She has been patching for up to 6 hours a day for the past 4 years

Scarlett had a bi-lateral strabismus repair when she was 2.5 years old.  She had CT, MRI, ECG and full genetic testing to rule out other neurological conditions.  The surgery wasn’t particularly successful for her – she didn’t gain fusion (binocular vision) and she still has a 40 degree deviation without glasses which reduces to 16 with glasses.  Her prescription has increased from +1.25 when first diagnosed to +4.50 currently, that was over a 3 year period.  She has been patching for up to 6 hours a day for the past 4 years to address the amblyopia.

Scarlett is now 6 years old

Scarlett is now 6 years old and will always be far-sighted and will never have binocular vision. Jodarna explored vision therapy but was told by multiple vision specialists that Scarlett is not a good candidate for it.

Scarlett has been an absolute rockstar

Scarlett’s mum Jodarna says that Scarlet has dealt with her vision journey like a rockstar.

“Luckily she always loved wearing sunglasses before her condition presented so it wasn’t a huge battle to get her to wear the glasses.”

“She has always loved her eye appointments and has only just started to complain about being dilated for exams.”

Scarlett has even been a super star with her patching, never really complaining about it. 

“We were concerned about her having to patch at school but her prep teacher convinced us to let her do it there and made it a fun activity by letting her class vote on the patch she wears that day.”

“It makes her feel special, with some kids even being jealous of her.”

“It has only been in the last year that she can recognize herself that she only uses one eye at a time to see and knows that she defaults to the dominant eye.”

What an amazing role model you are Scarlett!

Scarlett doesn’t let her condition interfere with her love of art, reading or riding her bike. Jodarna says that despite her lack of 3D vision, she is still quite active.

“As a 2 year old, she would scale the rockclimbing walls in playgrounds, is amazing on her bike. 

“She is extremely artistic and draws beautifully.  Her classwork was often used as an example for other students.”

What an amazing role model you are Scarlett!