Replacement Fabric Patch : Variety of Colours

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“The fabric eye patches have changed my daughter's view on wearing eye patches as she loves them! Thank you for creating such amazing products! My daughter is happy to wear her eye patch now and it has made our lives so much easier!” – Katie


Has the time come to replace your fabric patch? Or do you want to add an extra colour option for a fabric patch you already have? These replacement fabric patches are just the thing. They come with our super special sticky dot already sewn on – so you can use the decorations you already have, without having to buy a whole new fabric patch set. Kids Eye Gear fabric eye patches are designed for fun for those that want a patch to go on their glasses. So keep things fresh with your fabric patch to help your patcher get the best vision outcome they can! 

What makes these fabric patches so fantastic?

  • Medical grade woven fabric with a glitter wool felt covering
  • Designed to use with eye glasses
  • Can be used on either the left or right eye
  • Suitable for use with our fabric patch decorations
  • Perfect for occlusion therapy to treat eye conditions such as amblyopia
  • Slides on to your glasses frames
  • Can be used on moulded frames and frames with nose pieces
  • Registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration

What’s included:

  • One replacement fabric patch with a sticky Velcro dot sewn on
  • Instructions for use

How do they work?

  • Slide the fabric patch on to your glasses frames, including around the side of the glasses
  • Attach the decoration you want to wear for the day


  • Length approx 10.5cm
    Height at widest part approx 5.7cm
    Height at narrowest part approx 3cm
  • Gap for frames to slide through approx 4cm. If the highest part of your frames is greater than this, the patch will not fit.

Kids Eye Gear fabric patches are for you if you:

  • Want a doctor approved fabric patch that provides occlusion to the front and side
  • Want variety with your patch
  • Want a patch that is going to last for 3 months before needing to be replaced

Want to take your patching fun to the next level?

  • Our Printable Patching Charts are also a fantastic way to help kids stay motivated and on track with their patching
  • Reward your patcher with our FREE printable Happy Patchiversary Certificates

Fabric patches should be replaced every 3 months for hygiene reasons.

Please note : Frames are NOT included. You are purchasing the fabric patch and decorations only.