Fabric Patches

Fabric Patches

We’ve carefully curated a fun range of bright-coloured and cute design fabric patches so you’re bound to find a design your child will love. All eye patches are made from medical grade woven material with a vibrant felt covering. We know each kid is awesome and unique so our patches come with interchangeable decorations to keep things fresh.


Our fabric patches can be worn on either eye and have been designed to wear with glasses. For some kids, fabric patches can be a more comfortable option than adhesive patches and they are ideal for around 3 months use before they should be replaced for hygiene reasons.


If your child loves arts and crafts then they will love our range of coloured patches, where they can design their own. Within this customisable fabric patches range, there are coloured and glitter patches.


Here at Kids Eye Gear, we are focused on making interactive and comfortable fabric patches for your kids. Making a child’s occlusion therapy experience as enjoyable as possible is our mission in helping more children with the treatment of amblyopia and other vision issues.


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