Little Aussie Eyes Report

Here at Kids Eye Gear we hope to contribute to education about vision screening and eye testing for children, as well as long term eye safety and health. In Australia, there are more than 400,000 children with long-term eye disorders. 

More importantly, it is estimated that 1 in 5 children has an undetected vision problem. 

For this reason, early and regular vision tests for kids are absolutely imperative. With good vision, kids will have the greatest opportunity to develop physical, social and educational skills.


The Little Aussie Eyes Report was launched in 2020 with the goal of providing useful insights into the world of kids that wear glasses and have to patch. In 2021, the project was expanded to gain a broader understanding of kids’ vision in the community. The purpose of this was to ascertain attitudes towards vision testing, identify any blockages that parents had when it came to vision testing for their children, and revisit some behaviours when it came to kids wearing glasses and patching. In its third year, the 2022 report focused again on Australian parents, surveying more than 500 about their child’s’ vision and eyecare. The impacts of COVID19 on children’s vision was investigated, as well as a focus on perceptions of children’s eyecare and eyecare professionals. 

The Little Aussie Eyes Report is the only research project of its kind in Australia and our hope is that it provides useful information for decision makers in the optical industry. 

Why undertake the Little Aussie Eyes Report project? 

In addition to running Kids Eye Gear, Founder Nicola Rivett, is a highly skilled Senior Research & Insights Analyst for one of Australia’s largest media companies. She has more than 12 years’ experience conducting research projects for hundreds of clients in a vast range of industries.

Her enthusiasm for research and desire to better understand other parents’ journeys with their kids’ eye conditions drove her to utilise her research skills to create the first Little Aussie Eyes Report in 2020. Excited by the findings and value it presented to the optical industry and parents, the project is now an annual survey of Australian parents. 

How can the Little Aussie Eyes Report help you?  

The published Little Aussie Eyes Reports offer a snapshot of the findings from the research. However, the data obtained can be used to address specific issues businesses in the optical industry might be facing, when it comes to parents of children with vision issues. If you are interested in discussing options to have research needs met, please contact nicola @


To access the Little Aussie Eyes Reports, you are welcome to download them here. 


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