At Kids Eye Gear, we're passionate about kids vision, eye health and eye safety. 

According to Optometry Australia, babies and younger children will learn more about the world from vision than from all their other senses combined. So having great vision is imperative for a child's development - and that's what important to us. 

Kids Eye Gear is a small business but we try hard to give back, to do what we can to help improve kids' vision, eye health and eye safety. 


Fred Hollows Foundation

Kids Eye Gear's Founder & CEO, Nicola Rivett, participated in the 2019 Coastrek and 2021, 2022 and 2023 Fred's Big Run, helping to raise over $3,500 for the organisation. 



Cataract Kids Australia

Kids Eye Gear has supported Cataract Kids Australia since its inception, providing cash donations as well as continued community support. 


Philippines sponsorship

Kids Eye Gear has sponsored a young boy in Philippines during his patching therapy after being diagnosed with a congenital cataract. Basti receives in-kind support, with eye patches being sent to him for four years to date. 




Glaucoma Australia

A cash donation was made to Glaucoma Australia in 2022 to support research and assistance to those with glaucoma. 


Rabbit's Special Eyes book

In 2022, Kids Eye Gear was approached to help support the publishing and promotion of a beautiful children's book, Rabbit's Special Eyes, written and illustrated by an Australian mum. Kathy and her daughter Amanda created the book, as a tribute to their little son/brother who was born with congenital cataract. Kids Eye Gear supported the GoFundMe campaign for the book, as well as promoting the book to our wonderful community. 


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