Inspiration and Motivation For Patching

Inspiration and Motivation For Patching

25th Jun 2023

Our greatest passion at Kids Eye Gear is advocating for kids' eye health. We are driven to provide accessible education about the need for early vision screening, timely intervention and long-term eye safety and health. We know it's estimated that 1 in 5 children has an undetected vision problem, and this mind-blowing statistic highlights the importance of our mission.

The role parents play in supporting their child's eye health is undeniable. Yet, according to the Little Aussies Eye Report (2022), more than one in four Australian parents believe eye testing is only needed if issues arise or their child complains. Waiting for signs and symptoms of vision problems (which don't always present as evident) isn't effective because kids "often assume that how they see is normal". Findings definitely show more education around the importance of early testing is vital for improving childhood vision.

For those parents who did seek testing, the report found the majority had trust in their professional and were happy with the diagnosis and recommended treatment. However, when the treatment involved patching it was reported that 78% of parents had challenges getting their child to patch. This can then become stressful for the child and parent who wants them to "enjoy seeing the world, learning, and having the same opportunities as kids with perfect vision."

If patching is prescribed, then patching is necessary. So if a kid is challenging treatment, it's essential to inspire them to stay committed and motivated so they can reap the benefits of better vision outcomes. When it comes to encouraging your child's patching journey, here are some strategies to support you.

Motivate them with fun and engaging activities

Make patching enjoyable by incorporating fun and engaging activities. Transform patching into a game, create art projects centred around their patches, or weave stories that involve their patches as superheroes. Children will be more motivated and eager to participate by infusing playfulness into the patching routine. Remember too that in our drive to make patching fun; Kids Eye Gear is stocked with colourful patches and stickers to inspire patching kids.

Give kids control of the process

When a child is prescribed patching they'll likely feel like they have no say in the matter and all of a sudden they're being told they have to do this awful thing. Allowing kids some control or ownership of the process (especially older kids) can help with compliance. This can be as simple as getting them to choose which patches you buy, letting them select their patch for the day, encouraging them to decorate their patch just the way they like it, having them set a patch timer, and even teaching them to apply and remove the patch. These little things can make a big difference with compliance. 

Share about role models and success stories

Tell your kids inspiring stories of other children who have embraced patching and achieved positive results. These role models can serve as a source of inspiration for your child and encourage their patching. Highlight their progress, milestones, and accomplishments. Let your child see that they are not alone in their patching journey and that many others have overcome challenges to achieve better vision. You'll find some awesome patching kids on the Kids Eye Gear Instagram and Facebook pages where we post our Kid of the Week each Sunday. 

Celebrate milestones with rewards

Set goals and offer rewards to help motivate your child. Create a reward chart (or better yet grab our free downloadable charts) and track their progress. When they reach milestones or accomplish specific goals, offer small rewards or celebrate their achievements in a meaningful way. These incentives can help them stay motivated and understand the value of their efforts.

Join a supportive community

Seek out online communities, support groups, or forums where parents and children can connect with others going through similar experiences. These communities provide a safe space for sharing challenges, seeking advice, and finding inspiration. Engaging with others who understand the journey can provide a sense of belonging and support for you and your child. Here is a list of great Facebook groups that might help. 

To wrap things up, taking best care of your child's eyesight requires early and ongoing testing. And if a diagnosis is made that prescribes patching as treatment, then you'll possibly face some pushback from your child and will need to make it a fun and exciting process. When kids are encouraged to comply with the treatment, they're going to be rewarded with better outcomes. As advocates of children's eye health, at Kids Eye Gear we're committed to supporting you with the resources needed for your child's patching journey. Together, let's turn those challenges into victories, one patch at a time!