The Important Role Fathers Play in Managing Kids' Vision

The Important Role Fathers Play in Managing Kids' Vision

27th Aug 2023

As a parent with lived experience, I know firsthand how important it is to look after our children's vision. And, for the best outcomes, wherever possible, it should be a true team effort, with both mums and dads playing integral roles in ensuring the well-being of their children's eyesight.

While mums often spearhead the mission of handling their child's health, it's crucial not to overlook dads, who have a vital role to play in managing a young one's eye health journey - from a diagnosis right through the stages of treatment and beyond.

I completely own the fact that were it not for my husband (Dane's father), Dane would not have the vision outcome he has had. While I completely accepted our first ophthalmologist's diagnosis and prognosis, my husband absolutely refused to accept it. Instead, he knuckled down and insisted on a second opinion - and the results have been amazing. There have been many instances like this throughout Dane's life, and every Fathers' Day I'm so grateful my kids have a great dad. 

Kids' eye health is a family issue, and having support from dads can make all the difference. Here's what fathers can do to help.

Be actively involved in eye appointments

When fathers actively participate in eye appointments, it can make a real difference in their children's vision outcomes. By attending appointments, dads can bring valuable perspectives to the table, and then the shared understanding of the situation at hand can help to strengthen the family's overall approach to managing vision issues.

By actively engaging in discussions, asking different questions, or raising concerns, dads often contribute important insights that might otherwise be overlooked.

Encourage treatment compliance

Dads who actively encourage adherence to treatment plans can positively influence the outcomes for their children's vision.

Whether it's ensuring the kids wear their glasses regularly, persist with patching, maintain the prescribed schedule for eye drops, or participate in vision therapy exercises, dads can play a crucial role in supporting compliance with treatments.

If mum is the main carer, dads can still help by offering moral support or, even better, by taking on some of the responsibility where possible. We know that consistency in following treatment plans is key to managing eye health, and a father's involvement can significantly boost this.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Fathers who encourage a healthy lifestyle conducive to good eye health can help reduce the risk of vision problems for their kids.

Simple everyday habits, such as limiting screen time, eating nutritious meals with lots of fruits and veggies, and getting regular exercise, can go a long way in ensuring kids maintain strong eyesight. It's important to note that some medical conditions have an increased risk factor for eye diseases, so parents should be aware of the family's health history and consult professionals if needed.

By supporting kids to develop healthy habits, dads can be proactive in reducing the likelihood that their kids will suffer from poor vision later on in life.

Be an advocate for eye protection during sports

Fathers are often involved in their children's sports activities and can play a key role in advocating for eye protection.

Eye injuries are very common in contact sports, posing a real risk to vision health. Wearing protective eyewear such as goggles, helmets, or sports glasses can help to minimise the severity of an injury should one unfortunately occur.

So, dads, if you can encourage kids to wear appropriate eye protection when they're playing sports, you'd be doing their eye health a massive favour by significantly reducing the chance of injuries.

Be seen as a role model

Lastly, fathers can be important role models by demonstrating a strong commitment to their own eye health. By wearing sunglasses, using safety eyewear in risky situations, and scheduling regular eye exams, fathers can set a powerful example for their children to follow.

Key takeaway points

Fathers aren't just sideline supporters; they’re active players in managing their kids' vision. Mums and dads, you're a dream team, and your combined efforts can make all the difference to your child's treatment and outcomes.

Whether it's attending eye check-ups together, researching the latest vision treatments, or simply being there to listen and provide encouragement, a dad's involvement is invaluable.

At Kids Eye Gear, we understand the challenges parents face when it comes to their children's vision correction. That's why we're here to help make the journey more enjoyable for your kids and easier for you. We’ve been there, we understand, and we care. Together, let's work towards a world where every child can see clearly and brightly.