Tips for preventing glasses fogging up while wearing a face mask

Tips for preventing glasses fogging up while wearing a face mask

7th Feb 2022

Well it looks like masks aren’t going anywhere soon – and for those of us that wear glasses, this can be a real pain. For anyone that’s worn a face mask with glasses, you’ll have experienced the foggy view you get very quickly. It can certainly make it difficult to see!

With face masks mandatory many places these days, it can often be difficult to stop your glasses fogging up while wearing a mask.

So why do glasses fog up when wearing a mask?

Well the simple answer is that our warm breathe escapes from the top of the mask and then hits the cooler lens of our glasses – resulting in condensation and causing a fog.

Here are our top tips for keeping your glasses fog-free while wearing a mask.

1. Make sure the nose part is tight.

Finding a mask that has an adjustable nose piece will be really helpful in keeping the fog at bay. Make sure you pinch the nose clip tight so that the mask is sitting firmly on your nose. To go that extra mile you can also use double sided medical tape between your skin and the mask to really get the mask sitting tight or tape the mask down with surgical tape.

2. Anti-fog lens spray or wipes

There are now quite a few anti-fog lens sprays and wipes available that will help keep your spectacles fog-free. Many have been designed for use on eye glasses, PPE, swim goggles and diving masks. It’s really important that you use a spray that will not damage the protective coatings on your glasses – so check with your optometrist before spraying anything on your specs.

3. Tuck your glasses in

I find this one quite helpful and my kids have used this strategy as well. Lift your mask quite high and tuck it in underneath your glasses. This will stop the air escaping from the mask and shooting up into your glasses.

4. Wash the lenses

Just before wearing your mask, give your glasses a wash in with soapy water and shake off the excess. Then let them air dry or dry gently with a soft tissue. Apparently this creates a barrier on the lenses that prevents the glasses from fogging up.

5. Try a tissue

Yep, a tissue. Fold it horizontally and place it between your face and the top of your mask. The theory here is that the tissue will absorb the warm breath.

6. Twist the straps

Especially for the kids, twist the straps so that it shortens them before placing over your ears. This will help make the mask tighter on the face. This is particularly good for surgical masks that are ‘one size fits all’.

Hopefully these tips help you or your little spec wearer avoid glasses fog while wearing a mask. If you have any other great tips, be sure to let us know!