Why do adults wear eye patches?

Why do adults wear eye patches?

6th Dec 2021

Eye patching is typically associated with children but did you know that adults wear eye patches too?

Ever since Kids Eye Gear started, I have had a handful of adult customers use our patches. This was typically our fabric patches but increasingly adults are opting to use our adhesive patches. Most recently I had a lovely gentleman searching for a good adhesive eye patch because he had unfortunately lost his eye due to cancer. He was finding fabric patches annoying with the strap getting tangled in his hair. So he wanted a sticky patch that could cover his socket and not interfere with his glasses or hair. He tried our cotton blend patches and loved them!

So why would an adult need to wear an eye patch?

There are a range of conditions that may require an adult to wear an eye patch including:

  • double vision due to cataracts, stroke or central serous chorioretinopathy
  • loss of an eye
  • glaucoma
  • post surgery

There is also changing beliefs towards adults with amblyopia.

For years common practice has been ceasing treatment for amblyopia when a child reaches around 9 years of age. However, there are doctors that have had success treating adult patients with amblyopia. So for this reason, an adult may wear an eye patch.

No matter the reason for an adult wearing an eye patch, it’s still important to remember not to stare or ask too many questions if you see a grownup donning a patch.

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